Duplicate Image Detection

If your company or site has a lot of images uploaded by registered users daily, it is a headache if many images are duplicate or near duplicate. Folks are not expecting to see search result filled with duplicate or near duplicate items. It is an even more serious problem if your site deals with images with license and copyright.

Manually checking and removal by human is obviously not working since it is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Thanks to our duplicate image API, it is not a problem anymoreBy calling the API, we process the input images, compare and save the image signatures into our special database, thus we allow you to identify any duplicate or near duplicate images.

Application scenarios: stock image platforms, photo community sites, image sharing Apps


Very fast 300 to 500 mill seconds search time
Large scale Easily handle millions to even over 20 millions images
Dynamically adding & deleting items You can add, modify, and delete your image and related meta data dynamically. Searchable immediately after successful adding