Visual Search for Stock Image Sites

At present, keyword search is still the primary way to search images in stock image marketplace worldwide. However, in many cases, it's hard to use keywords to describe images, thus users have to spend a lot of time trying different combinations of keywords. Users may not be able to find what they are looking for even after trying many complex searching queries.

Visual Search for Images is a technological breakthrough for stock image marketplace. Our Visual Search technology allows a stock image site to have following capabilities:

1 Given an image from elsewhere to find the exact image with copyright at your site;
2 Given an image from elsewhere to find visually similar images with copyright at your site;
3 Given an image at a stock image site, to recommend visually similar images at your site.
4 Smartphone App with Visual Search for Stock Images.

Following is an example of visual search to find visually similar images.

Following is an example of visual search to find visually similar images with the first image as an exact match.

Key benefits from Visual Search & Recommendations

1   Visual Search will help your customers buy what they want. Based on feedback from stock image buyers, more than 60% of people do research on Google image search and other stock image sites before purchasing stock images. With Visual Search capability, your site would be able to allow users to search either the exact images or similar images at your site based on their input images. This would significantly increase the success rate that users find what they want thus significantly increase purchase rate.

2   Testing shows Visual Recommendations on stock image product pages increases product detail pages view up to 150-400%, which naturally leads to sales increase significantly.

2   A smart phone App with Visual Search & Recommendation capability would allow customers to search products visually at anywhere, more easily and more directly. This would increase Online-Offline interactions and drive offline customers to online purchase at your site thus increase online revenue. .

How good is our Visual Search API?

Very fast 300 to 500 mill seconds search time
Large scale Easily handle millions to even 20 millions images
Machine learning We use advanced machine learning technology to recognize what objects are in an image, thus significantly increase search result quality
Dynamically adding & deleting items You can add, modify, and delete your image and related meta data dynamically. Searchable immediately after successful adding
Meta data You can add additional meta data such as product title, description, customized categories, any labels, all those are searchable by API
Image + keywords hybrid search Allow to combine visual search and keywords search, known as hybrid search to more accurately search what users want
Filtering result by customized category Allow to do visual search using filtering customized categories
Filtering result by customized labels Allow to do visual search using filtering by customized labels

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