is a leading computer visual and visual search engine technologies company. Based in Silicon Valley, USA and founded by industry veterans in computer vision, search engine & machine learning fields.

We believe that increasing use of images is having more and more impact on the ways how different pieces of information are interactively connected on internet. Our advanced image technologies unlock the valuable visual data automatically. We provide visual search and visual recognition APIs to our clients in following areas:

Visual Search API– Upload an image to search visually similar images in a client's image set.

Image Recognition API– Upload an image to match an image in a client's image set.

Image Keywords Tagging / Suggestion– Upload an image to get keywords or tags that describe the content of the input image.

Duplicate Image Detection– Find and remove duplicate images in a client's image set.

Our Office Address and Contact:

97 E. Brokaw Road, 3rd Floor
San Jose, CA 95112, USA